The Main Trends and Principles of Public Administration Development throughout the World and in Latvia

Edvins Vanags, Ilmars Vanags, Inga Vilka


Further development of state adminstration and local government reforms is connected with the use of such issues and principles as decentralisation and deconcentration of public administration, separation of strategy from the provision of services, diminishing the gap between democracy and efficiency, enhancing the citizens participation and mutual trust of citizens in government and vice versa, creation of “entre-preneural” governments, principle of evaluation, reducing bureaucracy and increasing the openness, principle of diversity and possibility of choice, principle of simplifications, improving the quality of public service improving the political and administrative culture and integration of various institutions, reforms and activities in the context of the EU.
The model of integration has been worked out by the Department of Public Administration of the Uni-versity of Latvia and the Latvian Statistical Institute. The novelty of the model is that it proposes both ver-tical and horizontal communications of different institutions and people in the process of implementation of public administration reforms, local governance, national development planning and regional policy, beginning from the European Commission and ending with the citizens.


state; public administration; local government; reform; region; territory; policy; model

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