Competence and Interaction of Local Authority and County Governors Institutions in Lithuania

Jūratė Baltušnikienė, Algirdas Astrauskas


In the context of political, economical and cultural changes development of public administration system, when different administration levels competence and interaction processes are adjusted, becomes a never-ending process.
After end of Lithuanian state territorial higher administration unit (county) formation, problem of local authority municipal institutions and county governor’s institutions interaction and competence determination has become very important. Organization of public and local administration institutions, their competence has been redistributed many times in order to improve Lithuanian public administration system, understanding that smooth public administration system behavior is possible only when all subsystems (administration levels and public administration subjects within) are functioning in close interaction.
Ongoing and future changes in Lithuanian public administration might be indicated by different concepts or draft action plans developed in various levels of public administration institutions. In the process of public administration system optimization and development it is advisable to analyze municipal and county administration institutions competence and interaction preparing recommendations for possible reorganization.
The purpose of this report is to analyze municipal and county administration institutions’, which represent different administration levels alternation of competence and interaction during the 1995–2004 period, outlining problematic areas and present recommendations for problem elimination estimating possible territorial public administration system units changes.


local authority; county governor; responsibilities of local authority; reponsibilities of county governor

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