Analysis of Types and Models of Benchmarking

Adolfas Kaziliûnas


Recent surveys have shown that benchmarking is one of the most commonly used management tools. Public sector organizations across the world have gradually been turning to benchmarking. Benchmarking is used to improve performance by understanding the methods and practices required to achieve world-class performance level. This article on benchmarking covers the evolution and spread of the technique, types and models of benchmarking. Organizations may choose the type and the model of benchmarking according their objectives and opportunities. The greatest attention in the article was made to the bench learning model. Bench learning is acknowledged as a key knowledge management tool. It can support many knowledge management building blocks and processes particularly knowledge sharing, evaluation and creation. It can also create the opportunities for innovation through combining previously unconnected pieces of knowledge.


benchmarking method; types of benchmarking; implementation models of benchmarking

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