Reform of EU Common Agricultural Policy

Gediminas Kazėnas


Agricultural policy in the EU project was one of the most important parts. That caused several reasons. Intensively supported EU agriculture devoloped very fast, what caused, that setted tasks were achieved and EU faced surpluses of agricultural products. In the same time there come into being very influencive lobby group representing interests of farmers, which actively opposed to any more radical reform.
Created market organisation measures caused, that EU market of agricultural products were isolated from cheapest products of the rest of the world and surpluses could be sold only with hight subsidies. That made EU agrucultural policy very expencive and dissatisfaction rose inside EU and from trade partners. It was obvious, that EU common agricultural policy needs reforms.
First significant and efective reforms were in 1992. Later – „Agenda 2000“, which was based on previos reforms, but more radical with clear link to rural development.


common agricultural policy; reform; agricultural market; organisation

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