Development of Lithuanian Civil Service in 1990-1995

Jolanta Juralevičienė


The peculiarities of Lithuania‘s civil service during the first five years after Lithuania regained it‘s independence are analyzed in this article in the light of forming a model of civil service, management of the civil service and teaching and improving the qualification of the workers. With reference to non-fiction and acts of law it has been shown, that during that period the evolution of the civil service was spontaneous and even chaotic: loyalty for the nascent democracy had a big role during the first years of independence, hence the qualification and competence of the civil service were not premier; the establishment of the legal acts was late; too little attention was paid to improving the qualification of the officials of the civil service. The material in the article shows that, except all the shown problems, the experience of that period made a background to forming the contemporary civil service of Lithuania.


model of the civil service; governance of the civil service; learning

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