Theoretical Aspects of Application of Marketing Methods in Urban Development

Jolita Piliutytė


In the era of globalization, places increasingly compete with other places to attract tourists, business and investment. The marketing of places has become a leading economic activity and one of the dominant generators of local wealth. City marketing has become one of the most innovate elements of recent urban development. The purpose of marketing a city is to create strategies to promote an area or the entire city for certain activities and in some cases to „sell“ parts of the city living, consuming and productive activities. The article provides an overview of the development of urban marketing theory explains the concept of city marketing and sums up the motives for incorporating a marketing approach into traditional urban policy. It also emphasizes the complexity of the concept, specifics of its key elements: product, price, place and promotion, and issues of implementation of traditional marketing policies in the public sector.


city marketing; urban development; development strategies

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