Triumph and Failure of Political „Left“ in Lithuania

Česlovas Bauža, Petras Biveinis


Despite to the ambiguity of the political processes, the fall of the communist system and the re-establishment of the independence of Lithuania were closely related. Post – Communist transition in 1992–1996 has unexpectedly returned the former communists (Labour Democratic Party of Lithuania) to the Olympus of power. They, having controlled the Seimas (Parliament of Lithuania) and the Government, have performed the reasonable domestic and foreign policy, yet drawn – up by the program attitudes of Sàjûdis. The aims of one political party to impose political dictate to all other political forces was not accepted by society. The complicated relations between ruling majority and opposition have stimulated the political polarization of society as well as upgrow of the civic enmity, and so prevented social development of civic society.


power and citizens; post-communist transition; political „left“; political „right“; former communists

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