Raising Quality Standards in the Irish Public Service

Peter C. Humphreys


Drawing upon a number of recently completed research studies, as well as on-going work, this paper examines efforts that are being made in Ireland to improve the quality standards of services delivered to the citizen. It is shown, that in order to encourage and support innovation and a commitment to quality services in the public sector, the Irish experience has indicated the need for a national strategy with supporting structures to underpin and help drive forward the continuous improvement of quality public services. In the Irish case, this approach has included specific initiatives in relation to strategic planning including Strategy Statements, Annual Progress Reports, Customer Action Plans and Business Plans. It has required fundamental organi-sational re-structuring in order to mainstream quality customer service values throughout the organisation's business processes. This has often been facilitated by the effective use of information and communication technologies.


public service; public services; quality standards; strategic planning

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