Relation of Practice and Theory in Government and Jurisprudention: Synergetic Paradigmus and its Philosophical Aspects

Saulius Kanišauskas


All the sciences and even philosophical, ethic thinking and also practice are grounded by so called „line - thinking”, which is efective in only limited sphere and time as synergetic paradigmus born in the 20 century. Unfortunately propositions under „line thinking” influence gave miserable results as much in politics as in government. The article shortly deals with some paradoxical synergetic confirmities (regularities) and the first observed results and chances of their using in the prevention of crimes, goverment in connection with the problem of theory and practice. It is suggested to change „strategic planing” conception into „strategic thinking” concept which joins theory and practice most effectively. In conclusion, connect of theory and practice are visible in teleonomy of emergetic evolution of social processes which are expressed namely by „strategic thinking” as intentionality obeyed to the same synergetic laws.


synergetics; theory and fact; jurisprudention

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