The Administrative Lithuanian Language and its Lexis: General Overview

Vida Žilinskienė


The discussions of most often used words of administrative style texts have been based on the “Frequency dictionary of modern written Lithuanian” (Grumadienė, Žilinskienė, 1997) and its computerised frequency dictionaries of different styles. The most often used auxiliary parts of speech and words belonging to the main parts of speech have been given and their meanings have been discussed. The following conclusions have been drawn: 1) the iterative coefficient indicates that administrative style lexis is characterised by less variety than that of other Lithuanian language styles; 2) the most often used words in administrative style are really definitive and without any emotional colouring; 3) the most often used words of this style along with general notions most often denote administrative and other institutions, people and their responsibilities, titles of different documents or their parts, economic notions, different actions.


language styles classification; administrative language

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