Digital Dimension in Smart City: Case of Cities of Baltic Countries

Irena Patašienė, Martynas Patašius


Analysis of publications related to category of smart cities as smart social system shows differences between all characteristics describing the smart city and especially the contribution of digital dimension to the general concept of smart city. Differences and similarities of opinions of different authors about the digital dimension have been noted. The practical analysis has been prepared using EUROSTAT, the open databases published by international projects and Lithuanian committee for development of information society. A methodic that uses statistical comparison of places of states and cities in lists ranked by various indicators of smartness has been tried out. The paper compares three cities (of a similar size) of Baltic countries (Kaunas, Liepaja and Tartu) from the point of view of digital dimension. The investigation has shown that their positions in the abovementioned lists correspond to the positions of the states. Further research is required to find out to what extent that is true for other cities.


smart city; digital city; digital dimension; information communication technologies

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