The New System of Civil Service Selection: First Results and Insights

Rasa Tumėnė, Irena Žukauskaitė, Žilvinas Židonis


Numerous academic studies and reports have emphasized that only with transparent and professional civil service a country can be able to benefit from the processes of economic growth and social development. The factor of “input”, i.e., civil service personnel selection and recruitment, plays a crucial role. Civil service personnel recruitment in Lithuania was based on legalistic model of public bureaucracy. However, in face of new economic and social challenges, the model turned out as inefficient, lacking of transparency and flexibility. Therefore, a new concept of civil service recruitment was introduced in 2013. In contrast to legalistic approach, the new recruitment model was influenced by ideas of New Public Management, emphasizing the importance of general and managerial competences. The survey conducted in November 2013 – May 2014 showed that Lithuanian civil servants evaluated the new system as more transparent, efficient and flexible, compared to the old one.


civil service; selection and recruitment; New Public Management

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