Participation and Elements of Direct Democracy in the Czech Republic: Part II

Petr Jüptner, Pavla Valušová, Ilona Kruntorádová


The present paper further elaborates on the text addressing the issue of direct democracy and direct elections in the Czech Republic, published in the previous issue of the journal. Besides the theoretical and methodological outputs, the first part contained the summary of data for local referenda and their original typology, collected from the authors’ own research. The submitted second part analyzes the factors affecting the validity and outcomes of local referenda, which primarily include a voter’s turnout. Furthermore, the second part, in particular, targets the analysis of a political discussion on the direct election of executive positions which structurally correlates with the issue of direct democracy. The conclusion is valid for both parts of the text and aims at the total assessment of the conception of direct democracy within the system of multi-level governance in the Czech Republic and its comparison with the prevailing approaches in other European countries.


Direct democracy; referendum; direct election

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