Vocational Training of Education Administrators under Master’s Degree Programs in Ukraine

Vadym Lunyachek


The paper analyzes the history of establishing vocational training of managerial personnel for education management in MS programs in Ukraine within the specialities: Educational Institution Management, Public Administration (specialization: Education Management), Public Administration in Education. It provides chronology of its emergence. Emphasis is placed on the key role played by training in the Educational Institution Management speciality. The paper also outlines the most recent period of higher managerial education development in Ukraine. The work analyzes the corresponding curricula and syllabi, makes propositions as to enhancing the academic process in Master’s programs. It illustrates the changes happening at higher educational institutions after Ukraine has joined the Bologna Process in 2005. The author points out that the processes of managerial personnel vocational training in Master’s degree programs has emerged significantly following the adoption of the new Law of Ukraine On Higher Education in 2014.


curriculum; Public Administration specialty; Master degree; managerial personnel for education; vocational training; syllabus

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