Public Services Consumers Satisfaction Index Methodology Application in Lithuania

Rūta Brazienė, Gediminas Merkys


This paper presents public services consumers satisfaction index methodology application in Lithuania. First part od the paper is devoted to the analysis of the public services concept, theoretical and legal aspects of public services. Survey research is based on the public services consumers satisfaction methodology created in 2010. Results of the survey research carried out in Kaunas city municipality in 2013 were presented. Empirical basis of the research is based on 1832 Kaunas city inhabitants. Empirical research is based on 203 primary indicators. Out of 203 primary indicators using factor validity 8 scales, reflecting different types of public services were created. As a result created public services rating in Kaunas city and consumers satisfaction by public services map in Kaunas city administrative units. The research results revealed that the most positively evaluated cultural and educational, the less – territorial care services.


public services; consumers satisfaction with public services measurement methodology; public services satisfaction map

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