Model of sustainable development of tourism industry in Kazakhstan (regional perspective)

Erkara Aimagambetov, Roza Bugubaeva, Roza Bespayeva, Nurlan Tashbaev


The given article reveals the essence and content of the concept of sustainable development of tourism. The concept is based on three main principles: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic efficiency. The authors presented the methodology and the study of the principles of modeling on the basis of available statistical data on indicators of sustainable development of tourism in Kazakhstan, which allowed creating a model of sustainable development of the tourist industry of Kazakhstan. This problem is actualized by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of the tourism industry.
Nevertheless, there is a lack of sufficient experience in the management of the development tourism industry under the market conditions in today’s Kazakhstan. Therefore, by studying this problem the authors provided a model of sustainable development of tourism in the region with a developed tourist sector.


tourism, the tourism industry, regional management, sustainable development of tourism, modeling PLS-PM

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