Organizational culture in the civil service of Kazakhstan: a pilot study results

Ainur Serikbayevna Zharkeshova, Gulsara Ashirbayevna Junusbekova, Timur Temirgalyevich Abilmazhinov


The article takes organizational culture of civil service of Kazakhstan as a subject of its investigation. The article discusses the current state of the civil service system in Kazakhstan. It can be argued that organizational culture affects organizational effectiveness. In an attempt to identify peculiarities of the organizational culture of the civil service, an empirical analysis in the form of surveys was chosen as an appropriate research method. Therefore, the paper discusses the findings of the anonymous survey conducted among external experts and government officials. The main finding of the study is that both - positive and destructive characteristics of organizational culture appear to persist in practice. At the same time, a significant proportion of respondents among Kazakhstani civil service staff believes that they considerably contribute to public services. The paper concludes by arguing that developing a strong organizational culture of public service is significant.


organizational culture, civil service, personnel management, work behavior, values

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