Waste Management Policy Development in Lithuania Applying Circular Economy Model

Karolina Skorupskaitė, Algis Junevičius


This paper analyses waste management policy development applying circular economy model and study its possibilities in Lithuania. The first part of this paper is dedicated to waste management policy concept, its dynamic analysis, circular economy model influence on waste management and waste management tools identification. The part of research analyses formation of waste management policy using circle economy in Lithuania. Used qualitative research based analysis of formed Lithuanian waste management policy using circle economy model. Project has found that currently formed waste management policy using circle economy or not targeted and systematic corrections are needed in order to achieve ambitious goals of the model. Identification of corrections and their practical appliance in policy formation would probably not only lead to the achievement of circle economy goals in Lithuania, but also would contribute to the targeted waste management policy formation on national, regional and local levels.


waste management, circular economy, model, policy development, waste generation

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