Strategic Priorities and Effectiveness of the Implementation of the State Policy for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Ukraine

Marianna Stehnei, Inna Irtysheva, Yevheniia Boiko, Kseniia Khaustova


Solving the current economic, social and environmental problems in the domestic agricultural sector requires a comprehensive strategic approach mutually coordinated at the national and regional levels that will promote balanced development of the agricultural industry through the principles of social justice, environmental safety and resource-saving economics. In this regard, monitoring and forecasting implementation of the strategic priorities defined at the state level becomes relevant. Effective monitoring requires improvements in methodological support and the analytical framework, which is why writing an article on this topic is apt.
This article investigates the current state of the Ukrainian agricultural sector’s transition to a model of sustainable development, as well as the problems associated therewith. The analysis and forecasting of the implementation of the integrated strategy for the development of agriculture in the context of sustainable development goals are substantiated using gap analysis. The current and strategic tasks for the socio-ecological and economic development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector are presented.


sustainable development; strategic goals; strategy of agricultural development; forecasting; extrapolation; GAP-analysis

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