Community and sociality in seniūnija and seniūnaitija level: Definition, outspread and possibility to improve

Algirdas Astrauskas


The aim of this article is to review the theoretical aspects of the community and sociality, as well as the experience of Lithuania when creating legal preconditions for sociality at the level of seniūnija, to present proposals on increasing sociality in Lithuania at the present moment at the level of seniūnaitija and seniūnija based on the experience of Lithuania and new theoretical statements formulated by the author himself. The article presents the statements of scholars F. Tonnies and J. Girnius about the community and its differences in comparison with another social belonging - the organization of people, as well as the provisions of the Annex Organization of Eldership to the Law on Municipalities (1919.10.10) that formed legal preconditions for sociality at the level of seniūnija during that historic period. In order to describe the current situation, the article reveals how sociality existed on the territorial level (seniūnaitija and seniūnija) in Lithuania during the period from 1990 to the present day. The added value of this article is in the statements formulated by the author of the article on what sociality is (in the author's opinion) and its relationship with the territorial social community, as well as suggestions for increasing (strengthening) the sociality in Lithuania in the current period, in particular at the level of seniūnaitija, as well as seniūnija. The methods of analysing and interpreting scientific literature and legal acts were used to achieve the purpose and fulfil the tasks of this article.


sociality, community, warden, eldership

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