Teacher’s emotional reactions to radical introduction of new tenure-based pay system in Lithuania

Žilvinas Židonis, Jūratė Sutkuvienė


This paper aims to investigate emotional responses to radical introduction of new tenurebased pay system in Lithuania. The research is focused on the period of time from change initiative introduction to very fist attempts to implement it in organizations. Through qualitative inquiry, this research identified the course and dynamics of emotional states experienced by teachers. The paper is based on proposition that emotional responses should follow the pater outline in Kubler-Ross (Cameron & Green, 2009) model. However, the empirical results showed that teacher’s resistance to and rejection of change even increased, due to such factors as high publicity, lack of internal communication, and due to very short implementation time.


change, resistance, emotional reactions, tenure-based pay for teachers

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/VPA-19-18-2-01


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