Institutional Arrangements for the Realization of Regional Entrepreneurial Potential

Marina N. Rudenko


The relevance of this research for our country is based on the need for the building of entrepreneurial potential because many social-economic parameters depend on the development of entrepreneurship, particularly at the level of competitiveness, innovation, performance, pricing, inflation, and the employment and income of the population. The objective of this paper is to develop recommendations for growing entrepreneurial potential in Perm Krai, one of the largest regions of the Volga Federal District. The leading methods for the investigation include analysis of theoretic sources, analysis of statistical data from open sources, and comparison of this data. The achievement of effective results in building entrepreneurial potential of Perm Krai depends on applying collective joint efforts of federal, regional, and local authorities as well as public organizations and by creating infrastructure for the support of businesses A t the same time it is important to ensure consulting, assistance and training for businesses, as well as to inform the business community about business opportunities in other regions of Russia and to develop international connections. This paper can be of practical significance for the improvement of the institutional arrangements of realization of entrepreneurial potential realization in Perm Krai as well as in other regions of the country.


institutional arrangements, support of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial potential, regional economy.

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