Alexsandr Cheremisin, Galina M. Mykhailenko


The article focuses on the problem of bribery and corruption in towns in the south of Ukraine between the end of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century. The main focus is on the activities of public officials and deputies of municipal self-government. It is noted that the flourishing state of corruption and bribery in the region began to form under the conditions of the new socio-cultural situation that resulted from the fast processes of incorporation, colonization, adaptation, and modernization. The distance from the centre weakened control on the part of the State, and therefore corruption and bribery acquired new forms in the south of Ukraine in comparison with other regions of the Russian Empire. Also regional features of the flourishing state of corruption and bribery have been noted. Conclusions are made that corruption and bribery became usual occurrences of local life against which municipal communities came out, permanently forming an interaction mechanism with civil society. It is also noted that the struggle of local communities with different cases of bribery had practical results: a lot of officials were punished, and eventually sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.


corruption, bribery, municipal self-government, administrative measures, public officials, the south of Ukraine.

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