Marianna Ivanovna Stehnei, Kseniia Mikhailovna Khaustova, Marуna Mikhailovna Korol


The purpose of this article is to study the theoretical foundations of, and then develop methodological approaches to, the evaluation of the effectiveness of regional management. These approaches will then be tested on the example region of Transcarpathia.
The theoretical approaches to determining the effectiveness of regional management have been considered. The author’s approach to determining the effectiveness of regional management was then proposed. Methodical approaches to assessing the effectiveness of regional management that include the main stages, the criteria for assessing, indicators for each criterion, and a mathematical apparatus for their calculation, have been developed. In accordance with the author’s approach, a diagnosis of the effectiveness of regional management was conducted on the example of the Transcarpathian region. Measures to improve the efficiency of the functioning of the socio-economic system of Transcarpathia, with a consideration of the specifics of the region’s development and its specialization are proposed.


regional management, economic efficiency, productivity of the system, implementation of goals, regional economic system.

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