Implementation of State Economic Policy under Corporatocracy: Financial and Credit Aspect

Mykola Kovalenko, Dmytro Ziuz, Olena Smihunova, Natalija Bondar, Halina Omelchenko


The article brings focus to the subject of ensuring the financial capacity of Ukraine as an essential prerequisite for further transformations of the national economy. The modern problems of making state economic policy in the conditions of the corporatocracy are covered. The disadvantages of implementing the state economic policy under the influence of corporatocracy, as a new type of government, which expresses the interests of transnational corporations, are considered. Indicators are determined to assess the spread of corporatocracy in Ukraine when assessing the system of indicators of economic relations between residents and non-residents in the study of the interdependence of the monetary base and international reserves. The implications of currency board for the financial capacity of the state are analyzed. Proposals for improvement of the domestic financial and credit system have been elaborated. The study used the following methodological tools: historical, logical, analysis, tabular, graphical, and comparative methods; abstraction and concretization; generalization.


state economic policy, transformation, economic theory, corporatocracy, currency board, financial capacity of state, financial and credit system.

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603