Possibilities of Self-Provision of Housing for the Middle Generation (born in 1970–1984) in Lithuania

Rasa Indriliūnaitė


The article analyzes possibilities of individual self-provision of housing in Lithuania which are defined by a dualistic housing policy model. The model emerged after independence was restored, and is mainly characterised by a limited degree of responsibility of the state for housing needs of residents and a private housing fund controlled by the market players. In recent decades, many modern housing policy systems are undergoing intense changes due to the effects of financial crises and the challenges posed by a shrinking welfare state. A growing private housing sector and decreasing state support for housing are evident in dualistic and unitary housing systems. Structural changes in the labour market and demographic changes in society complicate the issue of self-provision of housing for representatives of younger generations. Researchers agree that older generations were more privileged in the housing sector and had better possibilities to self-provide housing. The article aims at disclosing the context of possibilities for private self-provision of housing for representatives of the middle generation (born in 1970–1984) in Lithuania. Since this generation, as a separate cohort, has not received sufficient attention yet, it is worth distinguishing it because this generation, in the active period of their marital life, has experienced a rapid change in the society and structural, economic and political changes, as well as changes in the housing policy. All these changes make this generation different from older generations that lived in the environment of the Soviet housing provision system and the youngest generations that were socialized under conditions of liberal economics and dominating private housing ownership.


housing, housing policy, self-provision of housing, housing ownership, generation, middle generation, welfare state.

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