Assessment of Development Level of Municipal Websites of the Republic of Lithuania

Vladislavas Domarkas, Akvilė Laukaitytė, Vidmantas Mačiukas


The article presents a variety of e-government assessment methodology, and on the basis of municipal websites assessment survey instrument, developed by E-Governance Institute at Rutgers University (United States of America) and the Global e-Policy e-Government Institute at Sungky-unkwan University (Republic of Korea), assessment of development level of municipal websites of the Republic of Lithuania is presented. Municipalities were ranked by E-Governance Performance Index, which was determined as the sum of partial indexes of five measures: Privacy/Security, Usability, Content, Services and Citizen Participation. By comparative analysis of results of that evaluation with results of other evaluation where websites were evaluated by the point of view how websites meet requirements to websites of State and municipal institutions, determined by decry of the Government of Republic of Lithuania, is shown, that these results differs essentially. It confirms that results of e-government assessment results are determinated by the system of parameters of evaluation, and assessments of different investigators sometimes can be incomparable.


e-government; e-government services; municipality; website

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603