Specifics of Heritage Protection System’s Management of the Republic of Lithuania: Case of Curonian Spit

Mantas Bagočius, Vladislavas Domarkas, Jolita Sinkienė


On the basis of international and national legislation, the article analyses the heritage protection system of the Republic of Lithuania. Particular attention is given to the case of the Curonian Spit – a UNESCO World Heritage site (Cultural Landscape). Special attention is also given to the main international and national legal acts regulating heritage protection, major discrepancies of heritage terminologies, as well as general heritage protection principles. Later the discussion is focused on the institutions forming and implementing Lithuanian heritage protection policy and their role in the protection of the Curonian Spit’s heritage. The article indicates the main legal and institutional factors of the national heritage protection system, which cause its insufficient effectiveness. The discussion ends with the conclusions on major disadvantages of heritage protection system of the Curonian Spit and possibilities for their elimination.


heritage; types of heritage; heritage protection system

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