Regulation of Products Containing GMO and Food Additives

Eglė Butkevičienė, Dignė Pikelytė


Genetically modified products and food additives are the new biotechnology that could be understood as one of the symbols of modern society representing a controversial nature. The use of genetically modified products and food additives in food production can help solving the food shortage in the world, improve food taste, but at the same time they create new global environmental as well as human health threats. The goal of the article is to analyze regulation of genetically modified products and products containing food additives in Lithuania. Existing regulations, legislation, decisions and penalties for violations are subjects discussed in Lithuanian internet news portals. The greatest attention is paid to the legal regulation. The attention is also often focussed on the management of GMOs (usually associated with illegal importation of genetically modified plants and misleading or inappropriate labelling of genetically modified food or food containing additives), institutional incompetence, and the need for public education.


genetically modified products; food additives; regulation

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