The role of school environment on students’ engagement in school activities

Saulė Raižienė, Rasa Pilkauskaitė Valickienė, Oksana Malinauskienė


This article analyzes how various aspects of school context influence students. The main question is whether all students perceive the school atmosphere differently and what are their characteristics. 9- 12 grade students of high schools (N=347) participated in the study. Two aspects of school context – attachment to school (Ruchkin et al.) and open classroom climate for discussion (Torney-Purta et al.) were evaluated. Also school engagement, and perceived teacher support (Ruchkin et al.) were evaluated. The results of the study show that discussions as the background of democratic life can or can not take place at school and all discussions are in certain emotional context, which is determined by the students‘ feeling of belonging to community and how they identify themselves in this respect. If a student feels that she/he belongs to a school community, the discussions themselves can be important in forming positive attitude of students toward teachers, but that does not enhance school engagement.


school engagement; teacher support; attachment to school; open classroom climate for discussion

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