Peculiarities of social skills of children in residential care

Rita Raudeliūnaitė, Renata Paigozina


The article provides the results of the research of social skills of children in residential care. The greatest attention is given to disclosure of the peculiarities of perception, communication, interaction, activity planning, activity organization and collaboration skills of these children. For this purpose firstly social skills were characterised. The reliability of the research was checked with the help of the statistical analysis. The analysis of factors has validated the importance of the identified social skills and the significance of their empirical manifestations.
Research was organized in September-October 2008 with 105 children in residential care. The data shows that level of social skills of children in residential care is low: half of investigated children lack those skills. Therefore, the issue on the need to train the social skills for children in residential care proves to be relevant.


social skills; perception; communication; interaction; activity planning; activity organization; collaboration skills

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