Multimedia Technology for Speech and Language Diagnosis and Therapy

Eugenia I. Toki


Published research establishes that multimedia technology is increasingly being used to create learning environments in education and clinical settings.
The aim of this study is to investigate the use of multimedia technology by speech and language therapists in developing their own digital material on diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Undergraduate fourth-year students were motivated to use various multimedia editing and authoring tools for diagnosis and therapy procedures in building social skills deficits. The research questions concern students’ accomplishments on intergrading multimedia technology in speech and language diagnosis and therapy, and the effectiveness of the digital environment they created.
The results revealed that students used text, graphic, audio and video materials and animation to facilitate procedures in speech and language diagnosis and therapy and accomplished good outcomes while designing multimedia activities, meeting technical and pedagogical/clinical criteria. Finally, students’ multimedia technology development approaches were discussed and concluded in the demands of modern information society.


multimedia in speech pathology; computer in speech and language diagnosis; computers in speech and language therapy; computer and social skills

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