Study Quality Criteria and their Implementation in Terms of Master’s Degree Students

Jolita Dudaitė


The purpose of the research analysed in the article is to set study quality criteria and estimate their implementation at university in terms of master’s degree students. Research methods include analysis of literature and documents and a written questionnaire survey. Empirical research is a quantitative research, whereas pilot research is a qualitative research. The results of the pilot research showed which specific criteria for the quality of studies of the master’s degree students considered important. Based on these data, a questionnaire was prepared. When filling in the questionnaire, students had to provide their estimation how important certain criteria were to them personally and how they were implemented in their studies. Master’s degree students of the Social Technologies Faculty of Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) participated in the survey. The results of the survey showed that in terms of quality criteria the following aspects were considered important by the MRU students: study results, study process, traits of a teacher and educational environment. The results revealed that at the university the fulfilment of the major part of quality criteria is even higher than the importance given to those criteria by the students themselves. However, students give more attention to the practical (related to the professional activity) side of the studies than the university, as an institution providing education and not profession, could. Master’s degree students’ expectations related to the studies and estimation of the quality of the studies do not depend on the form of study and study fees, but partly depend on the division.


higher education; study quality criteria; master’s degree students

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