Family-work Spillover and Spouse Relationship Connection

Vaida Kalpokienė, Lina Kazlauskienė


Family-work spillover is important for each pair of spouses and partners, especially when growing children. The aim of the study is to investigate positive and negative interactions of family and work domain and it’s connection of spouse relationship.
The subject of the study was 120 men and women living in Vilnius. All participants were maried and half of the participants had children. Family and work spillover was measured by the Work-home interaction questionnaire (the SWING), whereas spouse relationship was measured by the Multidimensional Relationship Questionnaire (MRQ) and also using a form of demographics data. The results of the study showed that a family, which has children, experiences a more negative connection betwwen family and work. Also, independently whether the family has children or not, there are some differences in spouse relationship – internal relationship control, depression, relationship consciousness. Moreover, spouses experience a negative familywork spillover, which affects their relationship.
The aim to combine work and family areas is a challenging task for both men and women. That is why it is important that a family-friendly environment is created and developed in a workplace, and that there is a possibility given to employ a flexible schedule of work, or if it is necessary – to work at home. Decrease of stress in a working place could simultaneously reduce a number of conflicts and disagreements at home. The results of the research and analysis encourages further discussions of complex issues arising from the combination of family and work, especially in bringing gender differences perspective. Further research can be directed to understanding what type of work environment factors influences men’s and women’s relationships in the family in participation in social activities and in relationships with their children.


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