The needs of socially vulnerable youth seeking to integrate into labour market

Laima Okunevičiūtė Neverauskienė, Julija Moskvina


The needs of young people seeking to participate in the labour market are analysed in the article. The attention is focussed on socially vulnerable youth, such as dropouts, young convicts without imprisonment and people who undergo treatment in rehabilitation centres for drug abusers. The analysis is based on the results for the survey of the young people who attend youth employment centres and the specialists who work there. The research was performed in 2006-2007 under the EQUAL project “Lithuanian development community of youth employment improvement”. The empirical study highlighted the main problems of the young people in age of 14-29 who are willing to be employed and allowed to identify their needs on the way towards integration to the labour market.


Socially vulnerable youth; needs for integration to the labour market

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