The role of Information Technologies for the efficiency of health care services: a case of center outpatient clinic

Kęstutis Štaras


Provision of high quality healthcare services is a priority issue for European citizens. eHealth has enabled a tremendous development of healthcare systems of EU Member States over the last few years. It has already brought many opportunities to raise the quality and accessibility of healthcare services. It facilitates provision of more efficient services which has become one of the most important goals of health care. Lithuania as a Member State has developed a national e-Health strategy for the period of 2007-2015 tailored to respond to its own specific needs. It was approved by an order No. V-811 of the Minister of Health (9th October, 2007).
The paper analyses the good practice of the Center outpatient clinic in Vilnius. This Center was the first of health care institutions in Lithuania to introduce information communication technologies for administration of their services. In total, 372 patients and 122 medical employees participated in a virtual survey and 150 patients and 77 employees in a written survey. Majority of respondents positively evaluate the IT solutions implemented at the Centre outpatient clinic. The positive results are particularly prevalent among younger respondents who work as officers and who are presumably computer literate.
The survey proved that established and implemented IT system improved accessibility of services, the quality of their provision and the management efficiency at the public Centre outpatient clinic.
The main conclusions were: the Centre outpatient clinic will further develop an IT system, will implement new information solutions that will permit an effective activity of the institution as well as simplify and improve accessibility and quality of health care services; an implemented IT system and its accessibility possibilities as well as interoperability in public institution Centre outpatient clinic complies with national e-health strategy. The Centre outpatient clinic will petition the Ministry of Health, asking to reverse the orders of the Minister of Health, regulating the filing of medical paper forms and accelerate IT development both in Centre outpatient clinic and in other medical institutions.


e-health; healthcare services; information technologies

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