Social workers’ attitude to functions of an executive in a social services organization

Valdonė Indrašienė


Contemporary social work is inseparable from specialists’ professionalism. In order to ensure efficient work of social services the personnel work organization and management functions administered by their executives is essential.
The article analyzes the attitude of social workers towards the functions and actions that organization executive administers when organizing personnel activity.
Constant changes require certain features that an executive should possess. The most important ones are ability to cope with changes, to be willing to learn and provide his employees with a possibility to learn, to work in teams and groups. Moreover, an executive should be good at efficient socialization, create safe and industrious atmosphere as well as positive organization culture. The article analyzes social workers’ attitude to the most relevant management functions: planning, organization, management, control, motivation. It was estimated that planning is the most important function of an executive of a social services organization which has great influence on the efficiency of the fulfillment of other functions and the activity of the personnel. Organization is important to more than three quarters of social workers. More than half think that management is significant. Almost one third of social workers agree that control is the least important function in personnel activity organization.


social workers; personnel management; executive's functions

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