Social workers' occupational risks factors

Romas Lazutka, Daiva Skučienė, Laimutė Žalimienė, Audronė Vareikytė, Jolita Kazakevičiūtė


The article is designed for the problem of safety of work conditions for social workers in social service institutions with a view to analyse and evaluate the expression of factors of occupational risks in practical social work. The article is composed of three parts: the first part briefly presents the review of legal regulation of safe work; the second part presents the results of researches which were carried out in some foreign countries; the third part is designed for the analysis of results of quantitative research which was carried out by the authors of this article. The aim of quantitative research was to evaluate the expression of factors of occupational risks in various social service institutions which provide support for various client groups. Social workers mostly are not satisfied with these aspects of work conditions: salary size, work place adaptability for special needs; a third of them are not happy with the safety of work place due to the rising risks from clients. Stress is a permanent condition of social workers. It is associated with low salary, danger of pests and diseases, aggression from clients, devaluation of social work importance, lack of experience.


safety at work; factors of occupational risks; social workers

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