Social pedagogue's managerial activity

Irena Leliūgienė, Viktorija Baršauskienė, Eglė Mertinkaitytė


The process of management, the organization of the social help process and its coordination in social educational institutions is a rather complicated and tiring activity. If a social pedagogue does not plan and regulate his/her activity, he/she may experience a lot of difficulties. This topic is relevant because all the activity of a social pedagogue is full of management as he/she constantly plans, organizes, controls, and supervises the process of students’ social education. Due to the fact that the managerial activity of a social pedagogue has not been directly investigated, the author of this final paper is trying to answer the following question: what kind of a social activity does a social worker perform?
How often does a social pedagogue perform it while fulfilling his/her functions?
The object of the research: the managerial activity of a social pedagogue.
The aim: to reveal the managerial activity of a social worker and find out how often he/she performs it.
The objectives of the research: to show the theoretical and judicial aspects of a social pedagogue’s activity; to justify the managerial activity of a social pedagogue; to theoretically substantiate the managerial activity of a social pedagogue.
The methods of the research: collecting the data: the analysis of the scientific literature; a questionnaire using a semi-structural form. The analysis of the data: the statistical and qualitative analysis of the content.
The results of the research. The performed research on social pedagogue's managerial activity showed, that social pedagogues often in their work do, plan, organize, lead, control social education process and their own activity, but due to the lack of theoretical knowledge, they do not treat it as managerial. In their work there are some limitations because social pedagogues distribute their time irrationally, do not perform their functions, though during the quantitative research social pedagogues pointed out that they would like to rate the strengths and weaknesses of their activity. However, the answers to open questions revealed that while making SWOT analysis, they did not distinguish the strengths of their work from the point of ergonomic work conditions. This showed that they lack managerial competence.


social pedagogue's managerial activity; control of social education process; organization; planning and management

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