The paradigm of socio-cultural–intellectual capital and innovative policy: a discourse on contemporary topicalities

Rita Aleknaitė-Bieliauskienė


The problem of education of human resources is currently very topical in Lithuania. Ensuring the social welfare of a Lithuanian citizen, the permanent and consequent economic growth, competitiveness of activity and production in global world requires a hollistic approach. The essential object of the longterm strategies of the state should be a human being. The state must see his needs, help him to create his social environment, socio-cultural conditions, where he could actually evolve his creative powers. Consequently, the knowledge, as a specific development of economic, cultural and social spheres is not conceived without the term of intellectual capital.
The most valuable power in modern state should be the life of the society and its separate individual, not the technologies. The strategies and activities of state institutions and community should be directed to create a socio-cultural environment and development of intellectual people.


culture; socio-cultural work; intellectual capital; innovative policy; community

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