The possibilities to prevent school violence against children

Brigita Kairienė, Donalda Ščerbakova


Seeking for effective ways to prevent a spread of violence in schools, a survey was undertaken in order to analyse the scope of the problem of bullying and school violence against children. The purpose of the survey was to explore the social links determining school violence and the possibilities to prevent a positive self-perception. The results demonstrate that bullying is a predominating form of school violence in the schools surveyed. Over half of the surveyed have indicated to experience bullying, and one third confessed to bullying others. Physical violence at school has been experienced by 23% of the surveyed and 9% indicated they had used physical violence themselves.
The analysis of the data of the survey showed a direct link between a social connection with the social environment and response to violence. Therefore, in order to prevent school violence, good social relations had to be enhanced and maintained. The survey did not demonstrate a correlation between positive self-perception and a response to violence, hence, an improvement of self-perception as a measure of prevention of school violence calls for further analysis.


bullying; physical violence; prevention; social relations; self-evaluation

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