Violence against teachers at school

Jolanta Pivorienė, Renata Jurkonytė


The article is based on the review of scholarly literature and survey which investigates the problem of violence against teachers at school. In the theoretical framework philosophical, legal, human rights, values issues as well as the main factors which influence the development of teenagers’ personality are discussed. Family, peer, school, mass media can put positive or negative influence on personality. Empirical part of the article presents research data. It shows that teachers experience emotional violence most often mainly from the boys of age 10-16. Violence disturbs personal and professional life; however, not all teachers share with anyone that they have experienced violence. Teachers think that the main impact on violent behaviour is caused by family and peers but not school.


violence; factors of socialization: family; peer; school; mass media

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"Social Work" ISSN online 2029-2775 / ISSN print 1648-4789