Social workers experiencing changes: the possibilities of supervising

Asta Kiaunytė


This article deals with situations of social workers experiencing changes in their professional activity. The article concisely discusses the concept of supervision, presents practical and scholarly relevance of supervising in social work. A part of a representative survey on the issue performed for the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation is discussed in the article. This survey was conducted at an enterprise rendering 81 social services in June – August, 2007 applying a typical selection method. The research was performed applying the methods of qualitative data collection and data processing. A written inquiry form was used for data collecting. The return of the questionnaires was 74 % out of 585 questionnaires. This article presents the key objective of the survey – to analyse the possibilities of supervising social workers experiencing changes, i.e. their reaction towards a change, complexity of a change acceptance, related to the deficiency of structure, information and support, sources of individual resistance to changes as personal characteristics and demands.


supervision; social workers; change; characteristics of personality; demands

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