Social changes and new systems of public governance

Alvydas Raipa, Vainius Smalskys


The article analyses the main socio-economical trends affecting the development of contemporary public management. The changes alter the already existing management systems and behavior of their organizations. Therefore the management processes should be more oriented towards the development of a stable, safe and more predictable society, based on knowledge economy. Also, the changes in management should be faster and should require reviewal of seemingly unmovable ideological systems of classical management and introduction of modern management. The essence of the public management reforms at the current stage is the introduction of the „New Public Management“, as a management system, which promotes modernization of organizations and transformation of their needs into new public sector methods. New Public Management today becomes a stimulator of reforms and a precondition of changes in organizational development and behavior and for the establishment of democratic principles in management.


globalization; new public management; social changes; social systems

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