Age discrimination: concept, forms and spheres of expression

Sarmitė Mikulionienė


Based on the original sociological research “Age discrimination in the public sector“, this article discusses the conception of age discrimination. The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of this phenomenon. The analysis of the phenomenon is opened by a discussion of topicality of equal opportunities and issues of nondiscrimination. Then the definition of age discrimination, its preconditions, peculiarities, forms and spheres of expression are disclosed. Special attention is devoted to the age discrimination in the workplace. Summarizing the results of the survey, it is concluded that the discrimination of age is a complex social phenomenon, which is based on age norms and age stereotypes, manifesting in different forms and in different life spheres. One of the important preconditions in fighting against age discrimination is increasing awareness of this phenomenon.


equal opportunities; age discrimination; work relations

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