Peculiarities of the status of a social work profession from the viewpoint of social workers and their partners

Laura Varžinskienė


A status of a profession may be one of the most important factors, helping it to gain a position in the system of professions. Profession of social work is quite neu in Lithuania. The nature of a profession leads it to inevitable change and development, trying to adjust to changing society. So it is important to talk about forming and improving its status. One of the most important factors for that is public opinion. Opinion of social workers and their partners is equally important.
The goal of this article is to detect the peculiarities of a status of a social work profession of from the viewpoint of social workers and their partners.
531 respondents participated in the research. 77,8% of them were social workers and 22,2% their partners, working in districts of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Telšiai, Alytus, Tauragė and Utena.
The research has shown that professionals are more likely to value their profession better than other persons. Social workers are more likely to choose social work again than their partners. Both of the groups are not likely to recommend to choose social work as a profession for their children. Respondents do not assign the activities of social work to the sphere of experts. This shows a low status of the social work profession.


social work profession; status of a profession; public opinion

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