The activity of school social pedagogue: common structure components as the result of comparative analysis

Lina Majauskienė, Irena Leliūgienė


The article seeks to analyze the phenomenon of the activity of school social pedagogue (internationally called school social work – SSW). According to the results of comparative Lithuanian and German analysis, the authors search for structure elements of school social work, common for both social-cultural contexts, point out the arsenal of its potential components. This article allows getting an integrated look at the school social work as intensively developing self-contained field of social work with the specific location – comprehensive school. In the transformation period of the present school the social educational orientation of the most European school systems is observed. The demand on school social workers/school social pedagogues in the last decade has increased enormously. Many scientists and practicians in the field of social work and social pedagogy internationally deals with different aspects of SSW, but still exists a lack of integral view to this phenomenon. The aim of this qualitative research was to realise comparative analysis of the activity of school social pedagogues in Lithuania and Germany as well as to identify ´social independent¡ components of its structure.


school social pedagogue; activity of school social pedagogue; school social work; activity structure of social pedagogue; components of the structure

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