The peculiarities of social workers activity in the Lazdijai municipality

Romas Prakapas


Besides the many aspects of analyzing social work, there is still a great lack experienced within scientific literature of evaluating social worker’s activity. Thus it is highly stressed within this paper, i.e. the evaluation of social worker’s activity in the particular municipality by various clients and specialists themselves.
The research was done during the years of 2006–2007 in the municipality of Lazdijai while questioning social workers and clients anonymously. There were 18 social workers from different centers of Lazdijai municipality and 150 clients in general.
It was set, after the survey was held, that education and professionalism are the main factors of success in social work area, i.e. clients prefer to cooperate rather with professional social workers than with having less competences ones. As the consequence some conclusions follow that social workers’ success atwork is determined mostly by: clients’ amount and their mercantilist attitudes, resources, time management, socioeconomic situation of social worker, personal characteristics of social workers, learning and educational abilities, etc. Also the main personal characteristics of social workers should be such as: truthfulness, politeness, devotion, and diligence.


social work; social worker; evaluation of social workers activity

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