Influence of parents and family on drug usage among teenagers

Dalia Jurgaitienė, Aistė Stankuvienė


Whether a teenager uses drugs or not depends on family relationship. A lot of scientists studied the role of a family. Purpose of this study is to analyse whether prevalence of warmth, honesty, trust in relationship between children and parents, as well as a lively interest in child's affairs, parentsÿ knowledge about drug usage harm etc., make influence on teenagers pernicious habits and drug usage or not. The following facts were established during the study: 1. A great number of vocational school boys and girls gave up smoking marihuana and using other drugs, if parents would get to know about that. Parents and educational institution workers must know this fact. 2. Fear to be punished is not the main cause why the students keep the fact of drugs usage back from parents and other relatives for a long time. 3. According to the studentsÿ opinion, parents must take care of their children in order to insure them against drug addiction. They must control their children when they come home from the parties or night clubs and communicate with their child's friends.


teenagers; drugs; family; parents and children relationship

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