Report about child abuse: analysis of current situation in Lithuania

Ilona Čėsnienė


In many countries there has been growing awareness of the large numbers of children who are being abused. A report about child abuse cases causes a lot of problems for child and his family as well as for various specialists. Unfortunately, a disclosure by the child to adult is not always registered at police office. The present article reviews two most common situations of not-disclosure in consideration of child’s or his family needs and rules for specialists (doctors, psychologists). In accordance with the laws of Republic of Lithuania and other documents the problems of disclosure and child witnessing are analysed and possible solutions are suggested. The main conclusion of this paper is that in child abuse cases the cooperation and interdisciplinary work of various services is needed in order to organise professional help for abused child and make right conditions for a child witness in an investigative process.


child; report about abuse; ethical and psychological issues

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